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Interview: R3 Sciences working to commercialize modular gas-to-methanol units

R3 Sciences have successfully produced commercial grade methanol in a continuous flow pilot system using a liquid, homogenous catalytic process. Advances in homogenous catalysis developed by R3 Sciences will allow the production of methanol from air-derived syngas with only trace levels of catalyst residual. The company is looking to license its technology for deployment in transportable, modular units to process natural gas at the source, providing opportunities for oil field operators to commercialize stranded and flared gas into methanol. R3 Sciences is a unit of Enersciences Holdings, which through other units provides drilling fluids and services, frac and coil chemicals and power generation technologies for upstream operators. ... read more.

R3 Sciences is developing a field transportable, commercial micro gas process capable of converting natural gas and synthesis gases into methanol product.

R3 Sciences is working to advance the production of methanol from carbon sources including natural gas, coal, biomass and solid waste. R3 Sciences effectively combines its professional development team of chemists, chemical engineers and mechanical engineers, with third-party technologies provided through its association with leading national and international research universities, commercial labs, and third-party providers.

R3 Sciences is an Enersciences Company.